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Good habits of a happy relationship

Last Update : December 21, 2016

Despite the belief that once the heart of your conquest has been conquered everything will be great, people that have been in long-term relationship might be able to destroy this romantic dream.

Being in a relationship is at the end of the day similar to a friendship : it needs constant care.

Added to that it’s very important to set some basic habits from the beginning of a relationship to make sure they naturally become the norm of your romance and life together.

If you truly want to fully enjoy your relationship, nurture you love and most of all to be happy together, we have some recommendations for you :

#1 A good morning and a goodnight kiss

It might sound cheesy but it is rather an important habit to ensure connection within your relationship.

We tend to get too busy to do little gestures which are surprisingly important for our romantic health.

A kiss, a touch, a smile, a cuddle… is there a better way to start a finish the day ?

#2 Making intimacy a priority

This second habit is closely related to the first one. If you want to be happy in your relationship (or your life for the matter) you have to have some set time for different activities during which you set some clear priorities. As such time for intimacy should be taken into account in your weekly (even daily !) planning. Intimacy can be anything from watching a movie together, having dinner together, a deep conversation, a drink together….the limits here are the limits of your imagination.

#3 Laughing together

Here’s an idea for intimacy. A great ally against stress and to deepen bonds within your relationship. Humor is essential in a couple and laughing together has a very strong power that suddenly makes you feel happy, comfortable and connected to the other person.

#4 They ask for what they need

This habit is a rebellion against the romantic myth of couples supposedly reading each other minds. It is true that if you spend a lot of time and most importantly your daily routine with somebody you tend to be able to anticipate certain things, feelings or needs of the other person, but it doesn’t mean that to truly be in love means to start to communicate by telepathy.

#5 They give each other compliments and constructive critics

Last but not least, this habit might be one of the most important. Although is human to judge and criticize, many couples have ended their relationship because love turned into constant criticism. That’s why it’s very important to get into the habit of complimenting even the most little things and when the time to criticize comes, make sure your argument is constructive and that your partner can learn from it.