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Chosing the best dating site will allow you to quickly get a serious date. Our team tests and analyses many dating tools to provide you this ranking of the best US Dating Websites in 2019! Are you ready to find your soul mate? Compare the best dating sites and start a new adventure!

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Best Dating Sites US - Review  Zoosk

9.7 Out of 10

Over 40 million users have trusted Zoosk and its unique matchmaking system!

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Best Dating Sites US - Review | 25% off

9.6 Out of 10

Match is the biggest single community in US! More choice for better dates !

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Best Dating Sites US - Review  eHarmony

9 Out of 10

In the US, 5% of marriages have taken place thanks to eHarmony!

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Find the best dating sites - May 2024

Many American couples have met on the best dating sites the Internet offers. Despite the increasing success of these dating websites, there are still many singles that don’t even know where or how to begin the search for their soulmate. The quest for love is indeed a journey of discovery, adventures and surprises. An exploration of love and relationship that has become exciting and accessible with the help of the dating sites. To help you choose the most suitable dating website for you, our team of experts has selected the following ranking with a list of the Top Dating Sites in 2019 in the USA.

Why should you use a Dating Site in the USA?

Dating sites have become increasingly popular in the last years. They have managed to bring down all the stigmas that used to be related to the dating websites. Instead, they have become the perfect response to the changes in behavior and romantic dreams of modern societies. Indeed, since the rise of the newest technologies, speed and efficiency have become the kings of our lives and as such, dating websites have perfectly adapted to these new lifestyles that have actually also affected communication, flirting methods and interaction between people. Our habits have completelu accustomed to technology and in such a context, relationships are not an exception to the rule. With the growing popularity of dating websites, the dating industry has bared witness to an exponential growth and a huge diversification of the offer aimed at singles looking for love. Due to the vast options and choices you can find on the web, it is strongly recommended visiting a site that compares and ranks dating websites before starting the online dating adventure.

“Jessy, nature lover, very cultured. Looking for an athletic partner to start a happy family”: the dating ads are obsolete nowadays. You are probably sick of endless lines, missed appointments, personality flaws, and just general let downs. By joining a dating site, you’ll be able to take control of the wheel when it comes to your destiny in love.

Dating sites have revolutionized the way American singles interact online, meet and date.

This is because online dating makes it easier than ever to select the singles you are interested in. In addition, you can also access a wider pool of singles. There are numerous search filters and parameters to help users narrow their searches and find the perfect partner for them.

Find your match and discover your affinities together: It is now possible and has never been so easy! Online chats have become a great tool to share affinities and preferences. Added to that, dating websites have tried to target all kind of different needs singles might be looking for. Do you want a serious relationship? Do you want something more casual? You will find it all here. You just have to choose from our list the dating site, the one that meets the criteria you are looking for. The rest in just a question of time: you can spend as much time as you want chatting, creating lasting friendships, seeking for men or women, and trying to build serious relationships. Meeting the person that best match with you is actually easy and possible at any time and from anywhere!

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.

Lao Tzu

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Find a Relationship on a Dating Site

Have a look at a « dating site ranking » on one of the Top dating site of USA

Why could a ranking of the best dating sites on the internet save you time? Because, thanks to the work of our team of experts, you no longer need to do the tedious research yourself in order to establish your own top 10 dating sites on the web (and of course having to test them all one by one…). On the contrary, all you have to do is to visit our different sections to find the right dating website for you and hopefully to meet your other half. You can select a website by different filters: via your age (we even have senior dating sites) or according to the kind of dating you are looking for (serious or casual). We have also tested and ranked depending on the algorithm that each of the dating sites uses in order to help people find their best possible match. In this sense, if the quality of the dating site’s algorithm is the most important element according to your own criteria, we have a specific ranking for that. Meeting a serious man or a single woman that is not looking for  a one night stand, but rather somebody with serious intentions is the aim of most of our ranked dating websites.

There are many different ways to be successful on dating websites

If we had to narrow it down to only two reasons those would be the following:

• To always make sure you optimize your profile by having as much information as possible in order to effectively make use of all search filters.

• To take your time getting to know possible matches and people you are interested in before meeting them in person. Knowing how to use the online chat will benefit you and it will also result in an increase of your chances of success.

The process of meeting someone online is actually quite gradual, which is a great thing for those who might otherwise be too shy in these type of situations. Online dating can be very helpful for all kind of people, you can just take as much time as you need to take decisions and find happiness at your own leisure. The best dating websites for serious relationships are the ones that on average manage to create the most couples. A comparative dating site becomes then very handy to ascertain stats and find the best fit for your needs.

Best Niche Dating Sites in the US: Online Services for Singles with Unique Tastes

Popular dating sites like Zoosk, or eHarmony are open to singles with different interests.

However, love can be expressed in many ways and not all singles in America have the same preferences or look for the same kind of relationship.

Here’s where niche dating sites come into play. Dedicated dating sites have grown in popularity in the past decade.

Nowadays, you can find dating sites that cater different audiences depending on their romantic needs.

In Best Us Dating Sites, we have tried the most popular niche dating sites in the market and created different rankings, so you can easily find the platform that suits best your criteria.

Following, you can find a list of niche dating sites we work with:

  • Serious dating: These dating sites are aimed at singles who are looking for long-term relationships and want to find a potential partner nearby. Interests, age and location are key in serious dating sites. Some Top Serious Dating Sites are Zoosk, and eHarmony.
  • Black dating: American black singles can now find a suitable match in their area thanks to Black Dating Sites. These websites are especially designed for singles who want to find their soulmate within the community. Some of the Best Black Dating Sites are BlackCupid, eHarmony Black Dating and Black Dating.
  • Christian dating: A shared faith is very important for many singles who look for a soulmate online. There are scores of dating sites for singles belonging to a specific religious community. Christian dating is quite popular in the US. We propose high quality Christian Dating Sites like ChristianMingle, Zoosk Christian, Christian and eHarmony Christian.
  • Gay dating: Singles who look for same-sex relationships can easily find plenty of dating sites dedicated to the LGBT community. We propose you the best alternatives out there in our ranking. Some of the Best Gay Dating Sites are Gaystryst, Gay and Zoosk Gay,
  • Matchmaking: Affinity is key in a relationship, this is why every day more and more singles in the US prefer to join a dating site that connects them with people who really are a great fit for them, and that means sharing interests and preferences, but also having a matching personality. Matchmakers, which are dating sites that use algorithms (a personality test) to connect people, are on the rise. You can find some of the Top Matchmaking Sites in the US in our dedicated ranking. Some of them are: eHarmony Affinity and Affinity.
  • Senior dating: Loves knows no age! Dating sites for 50+ singles are quite a thing at the moment. Senior dating offers a great opportunity for those mature singles (or divorced, widow and separated men and women) who want to get butterflies in the stomach once again. If you are in the golden age and want to find the perfect companion, have a loot at our Senior Dating ranking. Some of the Best Senior Dating Sites are: Zoosk Senior, Senior and eHarmony Senior.

Please click on the icons below to go to our dedicated dating categories. In there, you will find rankings with the Best Niche Dating Sites in the US.


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5 Key Ways to Help you Establish a Successful Online Dating Profile

  1. Provide the maximum amount of information to create a complete quality profile.
  2. Contact exclusively members who do meet your search criteria.
  3. Have patience and consider the amount of different people that are on the dating website looking to connect with you and to find matches. It won’t happen overnight.
  4. Be courteous and respectful to everyone at all moment. It even includes being nice to those who might contact you even if you’re not interested in them.
  5. Be yourself and no matter what happens, always stay optimistic. It is only with an honest approach that you will be more likely to get dates and more successful in finding a lasting and serious relationship.

It is pretty easy. If you are often thinking the following sentences….“I am looking for a serious woman”. “I want an available man”. Bingo! You are in the right place!

It is a mistake to believe that true love is not within reach at all. Finding a serious relationship with a man or a woman is possible if you know where to start looking and most importantly if you know how to do it. (That’s why the importance on investigating the rules and etiquettes for online dating). To guide and help you find a “serious man” or a “serious woman” we invite you to check out our website and look at all the statistics and rankings wee have created for you from the different dating websites. Enjoy your adventure!

Dating in the US: Meet singles in your area

Most of the services from our ranking of the Best US Dating Sites connect singles locally and nationwide.

You can chat, meet and mingle with singles from all over the States thanks to these platforms.

However, if your goal is to meet singles in your area, you would need to filter your search to find men and women looking for love in your city.

Looking for fun and original date ideas in your city? In Best US Dating Sites, we keep you up to date with the best local events for singles!

Visit our online Guide “Dating in the USA / Cities” to find plenty of activities, parties, events, and date ideas for singles and couples.

Whether you need some inspiration to organise your first date or want to find a fun event to meet singles face-to-face, in our dating blog you can find the best plans for two in your city!

If you are looking for fun singles near you, don’t miss the opportunity to find the best activities in our dating guide by cities: San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Houston or Washington.

FAQ & Dating Tips

FAQ & Dating Tips

How does a Dating Site works? How do we rank the Dating websites? How to avois scams? If millions of people use dating services everyday, a few of them actually know what's behind the scene! In our FAQ, we answer the most common questions of internet users about dating. Check it out and discover our dating tips!

Dating sites comparator

Dating sites comparator

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Who's behind ?

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