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Pheromones : smelling love and desire

Last Update : November 30, 2016

Pheromones are our constant reminder of our animal nature. They are responsible for that feeling of connection, heat or desire that we sometimes feel when we smell, touch, perceive somebody that attracts us immediately.

Love at first smell

Pheromones have a very powerful on people and attraction, indeed numerous studies have investigated how pheromones affect ladies cycles and how they tend to prefer certain body odors depending on personal preferences.

In that sense, the Institute of biology Karolinska in Estocolm has recently studied how the smell of the pheromones that are present in sweat are they key to sexual desire among a large number of animals.

Aren’t we animals ? It turns out that love and desire it’s not such a conscious choice as we thought it would be. Even if cultural standards and societal expectations have a great weigh on the decisions to build love, romance and a relationship, attraction seems to be a rather instinctive matter.

If you are in a relationship or you’ve been in one in which the natural smell of your partner used to make you feel attracted to him/her, safe, protected and happy, it was properly your animal instinct responding positively to his/her pheromones.

Understanding the romantic power of pheromones

Pheromones comes from the Greek words « pheran » which means to transfer and « hormas » which means to arouse.

A great sum up of what pheromones really do : a subconscious phenomenon that is starting to raise awareness in the love arena. Pheromones are a very powerful element to feel attracted, feel attractive, to experiment sexual arousal and sex drive.

Some of the best dating websites have actually taken the lead on this and have started to organize dating events in which people arrive to a bar a leave their t-shirts in a plastic bag with a number. The dating game consists on smelling different t-shirts to find the smell that attracts you the most. A fun and innovative way of dating based on our animal instincts.

If it is always been thought that touch was the most important element in desire, attraction and romance, it seems that the smell has a rather important role too…