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Is online love more likely to last?

Last Update : February 22, 2017

Much has been said about online dating and online love. It first started as a tabou, something people wouldn’t confessed doing, it slowly started to gain more visibility to the point that nowadays research back up that online love does actually lasts more. It actually makes sense, internet couples use matchmaking algorithm, therefore they tend to match more than traditional couples.

Online dating: how to be in charge of your romantic destiny

The revolution of love in the twenty first century has come with Internet and online dating. Nowadays people are in control of who they meet, how they meet them and even the profiles of the people they meet. Love has never become so targeted, so specific, so controllable.

According to a study done by psychologists at Chicago University in 2013, marriages that began online had a greater chance of succes than those that began in real life.

After a research which interviewed more than 20,000 people they found out that the one thrid that had met online were 25% more likely to last thatn the other couples.

Online love: sharing values and interests in your relationship

The reason behind the success of relationships that started online is that those relationships tend to start with the help of online dating. Most of the best online dating sites have powerful matchmaking algorthms to help their users find their best match according to values, interests, romantic views, etc.

The result then becomes logic: when a couple starts a relationship they have already done most of the job! They already know each other, they know they are compatible, and that is the best recipe to avoid surprises in the future!

Sharing the same agenda with your partner is an essential element that not all couples can be proud of having attained.