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Black Dating

Online dating has become a very powerful, and efficient tool for those American black singles looking to find the perfect match! There are plenty of websites dedicated to romance, and finding the right one sometimes can be tedious. This is why we have tested, and selected the Best Black Dating sites in the United States. Have a look at our ranking to find the dating site that suits you best, and meet the men/women of your dreams in just a few clicks!

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main features
overall rating
membership base
user review

  • Leading dating site in America
  • Great Matchmaking technology
  • Advanced search tools
9.2 / 10
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7'000'000 singles
ideal age25-40


  • Review matches for free
  • High quality profiles based on special interests, and lifestyle preferences
  • Unwanted messages filter
8.5 / 10
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60'000 singles
ideal age25-30


  • Very popular Black Dating site
  • Specializing in serious dating
  • 33 million users
7.4 / 10
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15'000'000 singles
ideal age30+

The best way to find love

The Internet undoubtedly is one of the best channels to meet like-minded people in your area. Online dating sites offer plenty of opportunities for singles from all over the United States to find the perfect partner, all depending on their relationship expectations, and romantic preferences. American black singles now also have the chance to meet scores of unattached men, and women within the community thanks to dating websites. If you are looking for a memorable date, a one-night stand, a long-term relationship or just friendship, you can find your options met in the platforms we review on the Best Black Dating sites. Our objective is to assist you selecting the appropriate dating platform for you, and thus, easing you the path in your search for love! We have tested, compared, and listed the top sites for romance aimed at American black singles. Our ranking is non-exhaustive, but it will be a good resource to give you an idea of what are the best offers in the dating market.

Choose the dating site that meets your needs best

The online dating industry has evolved in the past years, and nowadays you can find a big variety of niche sites that cater practically all needs, from matchmakers designed to facilitate serious encounters to casual dating sites aimed at those singles (and open-minded couples as well) seeking something temporary, and a relationship without commitments. In this ranking you will see the Best Black Dating sites divided into different categories depending on the different relationships types that actually exist. All you need to do is think about what kind of relationship you are seeking, and then select the corresponding category. Then, check out our reviews, and our dating sites comparator to easily pick the one that has the higher chances to present you black singles who absolutely meet your expectations. Undoubtedly, with this ranking you will save a lot of time, and multiply your opportunities to find your perfect match!

Serious dating sites

People looking for long-lasting love, and a life-partner tend to go for serious dating sites. They are very popular in the United States because they bring serious black singles together taking into account aspects like location, age, cultural values, interests, and their expectations regarding romance.

Matchmaking dating sites

Dating websites that give importance to affinity are very popular within the black community too! Matchmakers use personality tests, and questionnaires to connect singles who are highly compatible with each other at other levels. Meeting an interesting men/women who has the same intellectual, and emotional level, a compatible personality type, and who is after fulfilling the same relationship goals, now it is possible thanks to these affinity-based dating platforms.

Casual dating sites

If your idea is to connect with other black adventurer singles with the intention to have a friendship with benefits, a no-strings-attached relationship or a one-night stand, you will see that there is space for these kind of dating sites in the market too. The objective of casual daters is to have fun, without the necessity of a further commitment.

Building the perfect relationship takes time, and patience

Making your relationship to succeed is not easy. Perfection does not exist when it comes to romance, but building the desired relationship, regardless if you want a serious one or one that is casual, takes a lot of time. You would need to be flexible, and patient in order to make it work.

When using online dating sites, it often happens that you are contacted by users who do not meet your criteria, but, in spite, they may not fit the position of the ideal partner, remember that it is not a bad idea to make a new friend!

Keep your expectations as realistic as possible! Do not expect to find a prince charming or a top model. In these dating platforms you will basically find interesting down-to-earth unattached men, and women with their virtues, and imperfections, who search simple things in life, basically a romantic companion or a temporary lover.

In order to have more chances to attract, and get in touch with other amazing singles, make sure you completely fill up you profile, and upload some of your best photos. Once you do so, have a look at the users living in your area or the ones proposed by the site, and if someone grabs your attention, do not hesitate to show your interest in him/her. If the attraction is mutual, make a move, and send him/her a captivating message. After spending some time chatting online, plan a first date, so you can know each other better!

If you have been honest with each other while talking online, meeting in person will be a lot easier because you already know you both share the same interests, and also want the same kind of relationship.

If there is chemistry, you can start dating on a regular basis, and when less expected, you will go from single to couple. The next step: start building your relationship!

Keep in mind these 5 factors when searching for your potential partner on a black dating site:

  1. Make sure you fill up your profile, write a few words about who you are, and describe your desired relationship.
  2. Get in touch with those users who really match your criteria.
  3. Be patient! Finding the right man/woman takes time, so make sure to also look at the romantic preferences of the users you are interested in.
  4. Be polite, positive, and respect other users, even when someone you do not like contacts you.
  5. Honesty is core! It does not matter if you are looking for a long-term relationship or a casual one, if you are at the right online dating site, and you are clear about your intentions, then it will be easier to find your perfect match!
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