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Gay Dating

If you are a gay man looking for a serious or casual relationship, then you should have a look at our ranking of the best gay dating sites in the United States. There are websites that are geared specifically toward men looking to go out with other men. We have reviewed each of them to offer you this list of dating sites that should suits your expectations.

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main features
overall rating
membership base
user review

  • 13 million of visitors per month
  • Customer service by phone
  • 6 months renewal guarantee to find your special one
9.8 / 10
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7'000'000 singles
ideal age25-40


  • Large gay user base
  • Icebreaker tools to connect easilly
  • Dating network for casual and serious relationship
9.7 / 10
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35'000'000 singles
ideal age25+

Why should you look for your gay partner on a Dating Site?

A common reason why many men are looking for other men online is because their choices are quite wider than in real life. Straight guys can look around at any place for a woman to go out with, but a gay man can have a hard time telling if a man is gay. You may not want to go up and flirt with a guy unless you know they are gay for sure. Of course there are gay clubs and bars you can go to, but that may not be your scene. Another reason why men look for other men online is because they do not have time to go out and meet anyone. You may live a very busy life and you may have trouble starting a relationship.

You may also be shy meeting people for the first time especially when you are looking for your special one. By dating online, you have already opened up because you are telling other men about you before you meet face to face. Online dating is an ice breaker before you meet them in person.

How to look for love online?

Since you may be new at the online dating scene, then you may be wondering how you can find love online. There are many different websites that you can search for, and all of them will have about the same concept. You will have to put in the age range, and the zip code so you can find a guy in your age group and close to you. Once you put in that information, you can now start building your profile. Your profile is what other guys will see when they click on your name. It helps them learn more about you to see if they would be interested in you and vice versa.

When editing your profile, make sure you put a recent picture of yourself so your potential dates can see what you look like. Since a relationship is not based just on looks, you should add in your profile what your hobbies are or what you do for a living. Many of the gay dating sites will ask you a bunch of questions and you just have to answer them honestly. Once you have submitted your profile, you may get matched with other guys in your area that have similar interests. You can either choose to pursue those guys or you can move on and find other men that may interest you in the database. They do say that opposites attract so you may end up finding a guy that is completely different from you!

Steps to build strong relationships with gay singles

Once you have found the perfect guy that has everything you are looking for, you can now reach out to see if they would be interested in going on a date with you. Always meet at a public place for your first time meeting each other just as a precaution. Do not feel hurt if they do not want to because there are other guys on the dating site where the two of you may have a mutual interest. The first step in building a strong relationship is to talk about things: your life, where you see yourself in the future, your family… You do not want to rush into anything by making out on the first date.

The next step is waiting for that first kiss because you should get to know each other first and see if you are compatible. You should also take things one day at a time and be able to handle arguments. With a strong relationship, you would not run out on each other when things get heated in an argument. Another step to build a strong relationship would be to listen to each other. Do not interrupt when the other is talking. The last step would be to talk about your feelings. Do you like him? Could he be your special one? Tell him!

If you are a little hesitant about looking for a relationship online, it is understandable… To make you feel at little more at ease, there are things to consider that will make you feel more comfortable about online dating. Hopefully you are now well aware that looking for love on gay dating sites will work. You just have to give it a chance, and the right guy will come along. Do not stop after one rejection. It may not work out the first time but you may find the right gay man to spend the rest of your life with. Many people look for love online: feel comfortable and confident that it will work for you too!

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