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Flirting 2.0

Last Update : November 23, 2016

The art of seduction has evolved together with the rise of technology. Each day new dating apps and dating sites are created and the opportunities to flirt, meet new people and unleash person fantasies are wider.

We are living in a technology era that is also very present in the love arena : could we then talk about modern technological love ?

Romance 2.0

Since romance was seduced by technology, there have been many detractors that have criticized how digital business have invaded the sacred and traditional game of love.

However, despite those detractors claiming that dating apps and dating sites are marketing in essence (as people try to show their best facet) they have on the other side a massive legion of followers of these dating sites and apps who not only enjoy them but also benefit from them.

In a society in which population keeps on growing and single people are becoming more and more visible, it is quite normal that dating apps and dating sites are giving all the power to singles : the balance is changing in their favor. If before the rule was to be in couple and eventually marry, nowadays its fashion to be single and to know how to enjoy it !

Being single : the power of decision in the digital era

It wasn’t until the last years of the 90s and the beginning of 2000 when the first dating sites started to be developed. A very innovative solution that offered for the first time to put technology in the hands of singles : they could not only meet people from all around the world and chat live with them, but they could also use powerful algorithms to find the most suitable person for them.

Have we lost the romantic ideal ?

The question is not new… has the search for a partner become a simple transaction ? Have we fallen upon consumerism ? Do we consume love, romance, romantic dream ?

Love, that’s for sure, tends to come with some confusion. It deals with complicated and deep feelings that can cause certain frustration. But what happened to the romantic ideal ?

Apparently it turns out that dating site offer exactly that.. The romantic goal : to find somebody that would become a friend, a lover, very compatible, with the same goals and who would light the romantic spark.