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Dating in New York City

Last Update : March 29, 2017

New York is considered as the capital of the world. A city in which 50% of the population is not married. A great city indeed ! You can find everything you can think of ! Bars, restaurants, night clubs, parks, beautiful landscapes… you name and you will find it ! However, with such a dynamism, something is it hard to come up with ideas for dates. That’s why we will unveil to you some of the most romantic spots in New York City. Are you ready to start an exciting dating adventure ?

# A traditional Romantic spot : Central Park

There are some places that have become so iconic as romantic spots that their effect is actually the contrary. However, there are other iconic places that will never lose their charm… Central park is one of them. In the heart of New York city, Central Park is one of the most romantic spots of NY city ! You can also watch Philharmonic concerts outside, movies under the stars, theater plays… a whole world of excitement.

#A date in the water : The Water Table

If you prefer something a bit more original, then we would recommend The Water Table, a rehabilitated vintage Navy Vessel which would embark you through an exploration through the East River. Considered as a « New England tavern » you’ll be able to have great dinners while you watch how the water moves next to you.

#Sex and the city : dating with cocktails

If you would like to do like Carrie in ex and the city and meet singles or organize a date surrounded by a nice ambiance and tasty cocktails, then we would recommend The Raines Law Room. A fun places in the city to have an intimate date ! You will find cozy romantic spots to get to know your date and start to conquer his/her heart !

#New York from the sky : a romantic date watching New York Skylines

If you prefer to make the most of the spring and have a great date from the top of the city, then your place is Le Bain. A great rooftop bar and restaurant from which you’ll be able to enjoy a romantic evening as you watch the sunset over the skyscrapers…a tip… don’t forget your swimming suit !