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Fifth Date: Brunch with your partner’s friends

Last Update : March 20, 2019 by Thaïs

Causing a good first impression is a must when you are introduced to your new partner’s social circle. Not getting on well with your loved one’s relatives and close friends is a very common nightmare. It’s never easy to hit it off when meeting your date’s colleagues for the first time. Do you want to connect with your lover in all areas of his/her life, including his/her circle of friends? Your fifth date can be the perfect excuse to do so. In the last chapter of our Guide to an Exclusive Relationship in 5 Dates, we give you decisive reasons why you should consider having a brunch with your date’s friends on your fifth date.

Benefits of having a brunch on your fifth date

A brunch can be the perfect plan for date number 5.

Usually, the first four dates are about impressing your match and finding out if you two have chemistry. You may even have shared some intimacies.

A fifth date can be the icing on the cake. A time to really enjoy each other’s company in a relaxed atmosphere, leaving out all the nerves and anxieties from your first four encounters, and brag a little bit about your relationship.

What people love about having a brunch is that it’s much more casual -you don’t need to follow a very formal dress code- than having a copious lunch in a fancy restaurant and, most of the times, the menu is way cheaper.

It isn’t as intimate as a romantic breakfast for two in a nice café or in bed after a night of passion.

Besides, you don’t have to wake up too early or too late to enjoy a proper feast.

Most important, a brunch on a fifth date gives you the opportunity to reconnect with you new lover. It’s a very enjoyable way to get to know him/her better.

You’ve probably had a few drinks and a relaxed chat on your first date, went to the movies and a nice restaurant on the second one, cooked a romantic dinner at home on your third and also got intimate.

On your fourth date you may have tried something original like a rural adventure or extreme sports, so now, on your fifth date, it’s the best moment to put the brakes on this dating rollercoaster.

It’s the time to sit down, resign from dating formalities, and just embrace the moment with your new partner.

What’s better than putting aside all the daily inconveniences of your existence and simply concentrate on the person sitting in front of you?

Well, doing so, while devouring a mouth-watering and irresistible meal.

Benefits of having a brunch with your partner’s friends on your fifth date

You can feel a lot of pressure when meeting your date’s closest friends or relatives for the first time.

Will you cause a good first impression? Will you get along with your date’s colleagues? Will you stand them and vice versa? Will your mind betray you and go blank leading to an awkward silence?

The fear of not connecting instantly with your date’s friends is very common.

After all, entering your partners’ social circle it’s a big step in your relationship.

Like it or not, you inevitably will be scrutinized by your new partner’s colleagues the first time you are introduced to them, so the best is to keep a positive mind on your fifth date.

See this is as an opportunity to show the best side of you and convince them that you are the right one.

Solution? Choose an activity and a venue where you feel comfortable in your own skin.

That’s why having a brunch with your partner’s friends is a great fifth date idea.

A special occasion where your loved one can catch up and have some laughs remembering the good old days with his closest friends and you can discover a lot of things about your date, his/her childhood and what makes the men/women he/she is today.

Having brunch with your new partner’s friends on your date 5 is also a golden opportunity to see how he/she interacts in small social circles and what kind of relationship he/she has with his/her colleagues and relatives.

Moreover, during a brunch meal people tend to be more accessible.

It’s easier to create an atmosphere of trust if there’s a casual conversation and a few treats.

Finding some dirty secrets about your date, those embarrassing moments that only close friends know, shouldn’t be a great effort!

If you pass the friends’ test, then you can be certain that this relationship can have a bright future!

Next step could be meeting his/her parents, but that’s another story.

First, you’d need to discuss it’s the best time to make it official.

After five pretty intense dates, a lot of chemistry going on and a few memorable romantic experiences, perhaps it’s the moment to have the talk.

So, yes, as we have seen through the different chapters of our Dating Guide, it’s really possible to initiate an exclusive relationship in just 5 dates.

There’s no need to say the three big words (“I Love You”) yet if you are not ready or don’t feel is the right moment, but by now, after five dates, you can really be confident enough to say loud and proud if that person is the right one (or not!)!

Ready to start the new chapter of your love life?

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