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4 reasons that are preventing you from falling in love

Last Update : November 8, 2016

Love is not easy to understand. It comes and goes. Sometimes it might take a long time until it shows up while for others it seems to be constantly growing.

Luckily enough, dating websites have helped a lot in the romantic arena and nowadays singles have more chances of finding love.

However, even if dating websites can be very helpful with first, second, third… dates, some people still have difficulties to open up to love.

When everything seems to be working, there’s chemistry between you two, excitement and attraction, what is really preventing you from falling in love ?

#1 Analyzing feelings too much

Indeed, a very common problem. Even if deep analysis and observation skills can be great assets for some fields in life, when it comes to love you should forget such an approach. Feelings are difficult to reason and sometimes reaching conclusions too quickly can be fatal to love. Why would you stop something can could actually work before you actually gave it a try ?

Sometimes in love, spontaneity and observation can be your best weapon.

2# Comparing past experiences

The scary monster of relationships ! Comparing past experiences is a very big (and common mistake). It is said that every person is unique, therefore each different relationship will be unique. Added to that, past experiences, whether they were positives or negatives are enriching : they are a source of knowledge, experience, attitude… but they can never work as a base for comparison. No love is the same, so don’t try to adapt your love story to some set filters because you will end up destroying it. Instead, learn from your mistakes and most of all, enjoy the present, it might surprise you !

3# The difficulty of opening up

Sometimes, opening up to another person can be a real challenge…and a risk if you decide to open up your heart. Many singles have difficulties with that basic step. The fear of being vulnerable is a great barrier against love.

Sometimes love is like a game of Black Jack. You have to take risks otherwise you would never know of close you could be from perfection. Instead, you should always give it a try. Unveil your cards and go for it. You will always have time to recover

4# Being stuck in the « single’s life »

This part of the problem is quite unknown for many people. When you have been single for a while, you have developed certain habits, certain ways of being… and it is not always easy to break a certain lifestyle. Suddenly sharing become quite a challenge.

Sometimes your unconsciousness is the responsible for your incapability to love. You actually don’t want to lose your lifestyle, your habits, your routine.

But love needs to be improvised and it demands risks.

If the main thing that prevents you from falling in love is yourself, then, at least you know how you could start to tackle the problem !