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The Colors of love : How Romantic are you ?

Last Update : February 13, 2017

Colors are very important in our life. We associate certain feelings to certain colors and we tend to be more open to certain people depending on the colors they wear. Is is known that red is the color of love, the color of passion. But it can also mean the color of death…

Green on the other side, mean hope… but do you know what are the colors of love and their meaning ?

Colors and love : how romantic are you ?

Colors are also associated with different expressions : you can feel blue, you can give someone the gree, you can turn as white as sheet, etc… the list is actually pretty vast and interesting.
But when it comes to love we tend to limit ourselves to the red. However there have been studies that have shown which are the most romantic colors and what are the common psychological characteristics of people that prefer for romance certain colors :

# Burgundy : How to love with intensity

If this color tend to be predominant in your relationship, it means that you tend to life to the fullest, with intensity. It also means that you tend to take risks in love.
Burgundy is a color that brings calm and warmth. A great choice for thevery intense, dynamic and romantic people.

# Blue : How to find friendship in Love

If this color determines your love life, then you are the kind of person that thinks friendship is more important in a relationship than love. A real and deep friendship in a relationship is one of the main goals to reach for most of the couples. In that sense blue represents the trust between you two, the loyalty and the commitment of your relationship.

# Olive: An intense relationship

Olive in love refers to competition, to love games, seduction and most importantly love is something you win. If you tend to see love as a game, love as something you can fight for and win it, then you are in the green olive spectrum of the love colors. You like to feel you have control of your relationships… olive is your vitamin juice to give you the energy to fight, play and conquer love.

# Violet: a loyal partner

Violet in love means loyalty. A deep deep loyal commitment towards your partner and your relationship. You love your partner with conditions and you go out of your way to try to make the life of your partner better. You are kind, completely commited and deeply in love.