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Online dating: a great tool for asexuals

Last Update : October 3, 2016

Asexuality is starting to become more and more visible. A community that is starting to raise their voice with their flag with colors (Grey, black, white and violet) which symbolizes their sexual orientation : they don’t experiment sexual attraction.

The lack of information has been one of the first reasons of the mythology created around the asexuals. However, they are sending a strong message : they are in healthy relationships too, they love and flirt and online dating is a great tool to meet other possible matches.

Asexuality and the dating-matchmaking technology

Asexuals have been misunderstood for years. If sexual orientation has been and still is a problem in certain parts of the word, asexuality has remained a complete taboo… In that sense most of the asexuals had to try to adapt their lack of sexual desire to a society in which desire is actually the key element.

However, the online space has opened the doors to the asexual community : an increasing number of asexual’s communities started to raise in the digital arena. Great places that have allowed asexuals to openly talk about it, to share information and to create little by little awareness of their existence.

In that sense matchmaking online dating has been a powerful tool to help asexuals find their match. The online dating websites such as Zoosk and EliteSingles are focused on the communication between its users and the matchmaking algorithms.

After all, nowadays it doesn’t matter that much what kind of color you flag is, as long as you can find with the help of online dating, a special person with similar interests to you.

Dating, sexuality and The Kinsey Scale

In 1948, Drs. Alfred Kinsley, Wardell Pomeroy and Clyde Martin published their famous « Kinsley scale » a heterosexual-homosexual rating scale from 0 : exclusively heterosexual to 6 exclusively homosexual. With an added element:  they already introduced the variable X : « No socio-sexual contacts or reactions ».

Asexuality is managing nowadays to write its own place in society… a society in which sex and romance are considered as a god to venerate.

That is why in the last years the asexual community has been working hard to raise awareness through the online tools. Against the tendencies that claim that asexuality needs to be cured, the online dating websites are completely opposed to them: it is rather « be as you are and try to find someone like you ».

Asexuals fight to be something else than an « x », they want visibility and acceptance, and most importantly, they also might want company. Different lifestyles options that have become possible thanks to online dating.

As they published in the Kinsley scale’s study « The living world is a continuum in each and every one of its aspects ». No matter which ones are the colors of your flag, you can just choose them and find someone to share them with… the online dating world has made it easier!