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Flirting for fun or with intent

Last Update : July 26, 2016

The eternal question in the flirting world : how to know if someone is flirting for real or just teasing ?

Flirting is fun, is a great activity to do that usually boosts your self-confidence and makes you feel more powerful, however if you end up taking that flirting for something else and your flirt is actually merely interested in having some fun moments, you might end up with a broken heart…

Learning how to recognize if someone is flirting for fun or with intent is not an easy task but if you are observant you probably will be capable of target the intentions of your flirt.

Flirting for fun

We have probably all done it at some point, you go to a bar, a party, or anyplace really, and you start to flirt, because it is an empowering feeling and because it’s fun to engage into flirtatious moments.

However, when people flirt for fun their aim is just to tease. They do no intent on continuing the flirt further. The common characteristics to this kind of flirting is that those people are never interested in flirting with just one person, they are never willing to make plans and they never talk about themselves.

Knowing how to quickly identify them, will probably help you to avoid any disappointment and if you’re actually keen to have some fun too, it might be a great way to practice your flirting skills !

Flirting with intent

If you are looking for something serious, this is probably the kind of flirting you would be after.
When people flirt with intent is because they want to flirt with you, they probably want to take it further and they are really interested in making plans together.

A person that is flirting with intent will have a very personalized speech and won’t be so interested in flirting with other people.

Do also pay special attention to the stares. Does it feel nice ? Does he have his pupils a bit dilated ?

There are some basic codes that could be read as pure flirting with intent : exposing the neck, tossing the hair, touching playfully…

Flirting is a complex universe, there are codes, there are basics but at the end what matters the most is the personal approach you put to it.

If you don’t know if a person is flirting with you with intent, then probably the best think to do is to jump into the adventure and play along. Get ahead of his flirting intentions and just enjoy the moment while you practice flirting.