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First date: humor to break the ice!

Last Update : April 20, 2016

Have never noticed how good you feel when you’re laughing your head off? We have. Everyone loves a good joke! Although we may never remember them… Which is a shame! Because they are a great way to break the ice during a date. Here’s the topic for our article of the week: make your partner laugh! Why does it work so well? How do you do it? We’ll give you all the tricks of the trade…

Unfortunately, we’re not all natural born comedians… Being humorous and making your friends laugh is not always that easy. Is there a secret way? We’d all love to be a person who has an innate sense of humor and be THE one who puts others at ease.

Being funny is an art in itself! What really counts is knowing how to show your humor. Using the right tone or technique is an ice-breaker…without being vulgar or touching sensitive subjects (although a little black humor goes along way). So that you don’t put your foot in your mouth by inadvertently insulting your date, we’ve put a few ideas together that you can pull out of your hat when the occasion arises!

For example, it’s better to start a conversation with“Did you hear about the three kittens in a vodka bar?”.than “Have you ever thought about working in a nuclear power plant?”. “Why?”,  “Because you’re a bomb!” Okay, it all depends on the context…but really…

Most dates involve bars, restaurants or cafe, – places that are suited to making fun observations. The waiter, the meal, your smoothie etc. are just as likely to provide moments of humor to break the ice. However, don’t be vulgar (the idea is to be lighthearted not heavy).

The best way to relax during a first date, especially if you’re not a natural comedian is to poke fun at yourself. It’s charming so long as you don’t go over the top and, above all, it’s a positive trait: if you’re happy to laugh at yourself it shows that you’re comfortable with who you are, have confidence in yourself and are not a pretentious person. Poking fun at yourself will help your date relax – and that’s exactly what they’re after!

Laughter is contagious: that’s why we think it’s a great way to make for a successful date. Whatever your sense of humor, keep it light and simple, but don’t hesitate to put a smile on your date’s face, as there’s nothing better than sharing a laugh as you get to know each other better.

Laughter is a great outlet for stress… And that’s no joke!