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What are the most appealing dating profile photos?

Last Update : April 24, 2017

Beauty always lies in the eyes of the beholder. However, for unknown reasons, some profiles are more attractive than others.

A recent research by eHarmony revealed that Millennial singles are not as obsessed with physical attraction when it comes to dating as previous generations.

But appearance has always been, and currently is, a key issue in online dating. It is like your presentation card.

There are dating guides, and tools like Tinder’s SmartPhoto that promise to help you to choose your most stunning picture, and in that way, increase the number of interactions with other singles.

The issue remains on the idea that attractiveness is subjective. So, one of your photos may be popular among some online daters, but not so appealing for others.

What makes a photo to get more likes on a dating site?

A new study by the dating app Hinge has revealed what type of photos actually get more positive reactions amongst singles.

Dating experts use to say that the most popular photos in these platforms for romance are the ones where singles appear being involved in an activity.

The new Hinge research confirms that idea. The photos that get more attention are the ones where the dater is participating in a sport activity, having a blast, beach pictures and black and white portraits, while the less popular pictures are selfies or photos with Snapchat filters.

Natural beauty is attractive on dating sites!

Another revealing fact is that modern singles are more attracted to those online daters who are honest, transparent and believe in natural beauty, basically the pictures where singles do not fake the pose.

Single men, and women who appear standing alone, smiling, and with no sun glasses are more likely to receive “likes” in their photos.

Creating a five-star dating profile depends on small details. If you want to increase interactivity, and by doing so, your chances to meet a potential date, do not hesitate to disclose your most candid photographs.

This means leaving your selfies “out of the picture”, and selecting the photos where you appear just being yourself, and having fun!

*Photo by bikeriderlondon | ShutterStock.