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Is love overrated?

Last Update : May 16, 2017

Love is everywhere…or at least that’s what they say. Love has become in our societies a necessity, but is it really? We consider love to be mandatory for our existence, almost as important as the air we breathe, the food we eat. Love as the fuel for our heart.

What is love? Does it really exist or is it a cultural construction? Is there only one kind of love or is it different for everybody?

Love raises so many questions, but the most important perhaps is still unanswered: do we overrate love?

# Love: a necessity or a hobby?

A polemic debate. Some people believe that love is a necessity. Without love your heart will cease to beat, your soul will start to vanish, your existence would be meaningless.

But is it really like that?

Indeed, love is important in our life. But there are many kinds of loves. Familiar love, friendship love, companionship love, etc.

The problem is when we turn love into an overrated necessity which we idealize. As a result, we tend just to see (and look for) one single kind of love: we feel lonelier and we blind ourselves to the other kind of love we do have in our lives.

So you might ask to yourself: should love become a hobby?

There’s no right or wrong answer to it. It really depends on your definition of a hobby. If you consider a hobby as something that is not necessary but makes you feel good. Something to which you put effort and dedication in order to fully enjoy it… then, perhaps love should become a hobby!

# Love’s dependency or how to write your own romantic frustrations

We tend to have so many expectations towards love, so many wrong ideas, fantasies, romantic unrealistic dreams that at the end of the day we tend to write our own story of romantic failure.

If you expect too much, then you won’t probably get what you’re expecting.

Love is not a set of rules or a list you’ve got to tick in order to feel fulfilled but rather a way of seeing life, a way of feeling, a way of opening yourself to different experiences and different people.

If you think you are overrating love, then welcome to the club. It is never too late to change it!

Find a healthy and constructive love. Embrace a new way of living!