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Is love becoming instantaneous and automated ?

Last Update : June 13, 2017

We are still living in a society in which the romantic ideal floats in our heads. A set romantic ideal filled with melancholy, myths, and stigmas.

However, on the other side, we are also living a revolution that affects every single aspect of our lives. One that has changed the way we think, the way we dream, the way we interact and even the dreams we have.

A new era defined by immediacy, easy relationships that have become quite automated: apps to find friends, apps to find plans, apps for everything.

In that sense, is love becoming also automated and instantaneous?


# Looking for love right now, right here

We like to have everything we need at the moment we need it. It might be easier to get material things instantaneously, but what happens with Love?

The question perhaps should be, have we become too demanding with love?

There’s a new tendency that people expect to find love as they would find the latest mobile, but is it possible?

Love is hardly material, nobody would doubt it, however, can we really expect to find love right now right here?

Love is a feeling that involves all your body and your mind, a feeling you develop, a feeling that grows and needs to be nurtured… therefore love needs time and most importantly dedication.

The problem is then when we think that apps could help us to find love instantaneously…then love becomes a demand, and ideal, something rushed, and well, the consequences of it are quite important: it becomes almost impossible to find a meaningful loving relationship.

# Making the best of the immediacy: finding love through dating sites

First things first, we agreed that love needs to be nurtured and developed, but at the same, you can’t fight our new lifestyle of immediacy…so that’s when the confusion starts… what to do?

The answer might be in dating sites. Indeed, dating sites are a great response to immediacy while still maintaining the essentials of love.

Dating sites allow you to look through profiles, to read different life stories, and most importantly dating sites allow you to take your time, engage in conversations, get to know each, learn to like each and why not? Dating sites help you to start to grow love between you two.

We are probably becoming too demanding in love, but it is always important to remember that there are alternatives, there are many singles looking for the same kind of meaningful relationship that you are perhaps looking for. That’s why you should make the best of the digital tools: find singles, get to know them and open your doors to a slow, truthful love.