#Dating as a star

The art of dating is not a universal knowledge… instead a skill that needs to be learned and practiced ! Our earthly stars have perhaps been more accustomed than us to dating from the movies they star in or the gigs they play, that is why we thought it would be interesting to weekly introduce dating modes based on our most famous stars. Would you date as a star ? Do you know how they do it? Learn the best (and worst) practices in dating from the most famous and influential people.


Dating as Leonardo Dicaprio

Leonardo Dicaprio is one of the biggest Hollywood stars… since I became very famous for his romance on Titanic he has had a very active romantic life. A love live that has been widely covered in the media… how does Leonardo Dicaprio face love ? #An active dating life Besides[…]


Dating as Emma Stone

The “La La Land” actress is one of the most beloved actresses of the moment. Her charm and charisma has managed to steal many hearts, however she has always been very private about her personal life. Do you how does Emma Stone Date? Is she as charming with her love[…]

Dating as Ryan Reynolds

The Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds is currently in one of the most popular American couples. His wife Blake Lively and him might be the successor of the famous so-called “Brangelina” couple according to media. Romance and glamour. However, before marrying the young actress, Reynolds was previously engaged with singer Alanis[…]

Dating as Liv Tyler

Since we discovered her in Stealing Beauty from Bertolucci, Liv Tyler has indeed been stealing hearts with her beauty. She has had an intense romantic life that has been characterized by long-term and meaningful relationships. However, she has shown that beauty is not such an important thing in love… Romance[…]

Dating as Josh Hartnett

Josh Hartnett was once one of the most sought-after actors. A very attractive young star with a wide legion of fans. However, he has been away from the star system for a couple of years now… and the reason behind being love and family. When love is more important than[…]

Dating as Michelle Obama

The American elections have become a hot topic lately, and with the announcement of the results today, they will probably continue to be a subject matter for some time. Michelle Obama will be remembered as a very charismatic first lady, a strong and funny woman that has managed to steal[…]

Dating as Susan Sarandon

After Halloween celebrations, those who have been lucky to dance to the spooky songs of Rocky Horror Picture Show, will undoubtedly have the sweet Janett Weiss on their heads for a couple of days… Whether portraying a sweet and madly in love Janet or a strong and wild women in[…]

Dating as Steven Yeun

With the return of the new season of the Walking Dead’s series, Glenn’s love story with Maggie has been under the spotlight. In the series their romance has been one of the strongest ones. A true love that has managed to fight through problems, zombies and enemies. Zombies vs. love[…]

Dating as Selena Gomez

From Disney child actor, to Singer to fashion designer, Selena Gomez has managed to build a successful career despite her youth. Her intense love story with Justin Bieber was followed by thousand of fans while their relationship suffered the typical ups and downs of a Young love.

Dating as Hugh Jackman

The Australian actor, singer and producer, best known as Wolverine in the X-Men films series became famous among the ladies with his torso and his powerful muscles. His masculinity and strength has been admired, however he has proven that contrary to Wolverine he is soft, altruist and in a lasting[…]