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Dating as Selena Gomez

Last Update : March 1, 2017

From Disney child actor, to Singer to fashion designer, Selena Gomez has managed to build a successful career despite her youth.

Her intense love story with Justin Bieber was followed by thousand of fans while their relationship suffered the typical ups and downs of a Young love.

Love in the youth: intensity and uncertainty

Selena Gomez experienced an intense relationship with Justin Bieber in which passions, similarities and romance were at the order of the day. However, some kind of powerful relationships are not meant to be lasting and such was the case of the couple known as “Jelena” that after a couple of breakups and reunions decided finally to follow different ways. A romantic experience proper of the Golden years of youth that comes with the powerful feeling of loving and being loved for the first time.

A relationship that some adventurers find very attractive as it comes with an endless flow of strong feeling and emotions.

Dating in the era of social media

Selena Gomez is considered to be the queen of Instagram. Her public Split with Justin Bieber didn’t stop her from showing her every move on.

Instagram and her number of followers has increased over the years. Despite the critics on social media and its possible negative effects on love, Selena Gomez has shown that sharing one’s interest through social media can be a great way of gaining visibility and sharing passions. From there opportunities and conversations arise… romance can be found at any moment!

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