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Do you know all these annoying dating trends? Test Yourself!

Last Update : February 15, 2019

Ghosting, Catfishing, Monkeying, Zombieing… Have you ever felt like a fish out of water when it comes to new ways of dating and meeting singles? Or on the contrary, are you so used to modern dating that already know how to avoid these annoying dating trends?

It’s obvious that new technologies have shaped the way singles in the US communicate, meet, get dates and fall in love.

Years ago, you simply needed to be an expert reading your date’s signs in order to know if that person was really interested in you.

Nowadays, you need more skills than that.

Very often you find yourself in the situation where the person you’ve been dating for a while, suddenly disappears and you start wondering if you didn’t read the signs well.

Was he/she not interested in you in the first place, but you ignored that fact and created big expectations about your relationship or was the other person playing to catch and release with you?

Online dating is a very useful tool for singles who want to meet people from all over the country in just a few clicks.

However, the dating world is not exempt of people who misuse online dating services just for the purpose of getting entertained instead of using them as what they have been created for: to help lonely hearts to find a potential partner!

Annoying dating trends: Are you an expert in modern dating? [Fun Personality Test]

Are you a modern dating expert or you should update your dating style? This fun personality test will tell you if you are up to date with the latest dating trends. Let’s play!

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