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Dating as Keira Knightley

Last Update : May 19, 2017

Keira Knightley is a British actress known for her various roles in movies such as Pirates of the Caribbean and Pride and Prejudice, for which she won the Academy Award for best actress. A successful actress that has managed to shine by herself in Hollywood, but is her romantic life?

Youth, romance and how to enjoy the Dating scene

Keira became pretty popular while still being quite young. She made the best of her youth to experiment with love, to enjoy dating and to embrace relationships.

She began dating Del Synoot after having met on the filming of Princess of Thieves in 2001. Their relationship lasted for 2 years.

She also dated the model Jamie Dornan for another 2 years as well as her Pride & Prejudice co-star Rupert Friend for 5 years.

A really dynamic romantic life, fearless and focused to enjoy the moment.

Finding yourself in order to accept true love

In 2006, Knightley tired of her frantic life decided to go on a sabbatical in order to focus more on herself. A great decision that helped her reconnect with herself in order to take a different perspective on life.

Taking a break and taking the time to properly consider every aspect of your life is probably the best thing anybody can do in order to be as mentally and physically prepared as possible to welcome a healthy, passionate and pure kind of love.

At least it was Knightley’s case. In 2011, she met her husband, the musician, James Righton, with whom she married in the south of France.

They recently became parents of a little girl.

If you’re looking for love, consider making the best of all your opportunities. Embrace yourself and embrace life.

Image by:  Featureflash Photo Agency