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First dates: The next extreme “sports”?

Last Update : October 23, 2018 by Thaïs

Falling in love is quite an adventure.

When you start having feelings for someone, your body and brain experiment a series of symptoms that according to many scientists are similar to the sensation of doing drugs or the way you react when getting involved in an extreme sport.

Your heart pumping fast, your body shaking, the nervousness… All these effects occur when you engage on a daring adventure or when Cupid shoots you with his arrow.

For many years, scientist and dating experts have agreed on the idea that there is a correlation between the hormones released when doing extreme sports and when people go out on a date and start feeling attracted to their partner.

Going out on a first date is like jumping out of a plane!

A first date can be a thrilling experience.

In fact, a recent scientific research revealed that first dates can get you the same rush as if you were engaging on an extreme activity like skydiving or jumping out of a plane!

The study carried out by the University of Wolverhampton and the Bear Grylls, Adventure, a Birmingham-based company that proposes adventure challenges to test your limits, showed that the excitement during a blind date is identical to the sensation created when doing activities involving some risks.

Over 2,000 adults were surveyed and 54% of them thought that going out on a first date is a thrilling experience.

The most curious finding is that a stunning 78% of the surveyed confessed that they use to feel first-date nerves when meeting their match in person.

First dates can boost adrenaline in a similar way as extreme sports do!

Many singles, in fact, while dating experience the same rapid increase in heart race, and nervousness as when getting involved in a risky adventure.

According to Bear Grylls: “It’s all about the fear of the unknown”.

Both in first dates and extreme sports like bungee jumping, the person has to challenge himself/herself, get out of his/her comfort zone, and discover something (or someone) new!

First dates are thrilling experiences!

Extreme sports can cause a tension and fear. First-date nerves can play a dirty trick on some singles as well.

According to the study, 1 in every 3 surveyed singles admitted turning red with embarrassment when meeting their date.

Others (around 10%), where so stressed by the experience that even couldn’t help themselves to lie during their date.

Men and women react differently while doing extreme sports, and also play the dating game in a different way; under their own rules.

First dates are perceived in one way or another depending if you are a single man or a single woman.

Over 66% of women feel awkward when going out on first date compared to just 20% of single men.

Overall, it seems that whether you go out on a first date or do parachuting or any other extreme sports,

The best adventurous first-date ideas for singles in America!

If a date is like an extreme sport, why not mixing both ideas?

Sports are great to release energy, but also fantastic to propitiate physical contact and bring people closer.

Adrenaline-pumping exercises and extreme sports can be really good options for a first date.

It gives you the opportunity to get to know your date better and increase confidence between you two while having fun challenging your body and emotions to the limit!

Activities like karting, hiking, climbing or bungee jumping can ensure you a memorable date. The starting point of a new romantic adventure!

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