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Best Dating Sites: These are the 3 most efficient matchmakers right now!

Last Update : October 23, 2018 by Thaïs

Internet plays a key role in the way singles currently communicate and get potential dates.

In recent years we have witnessed an impressive increase in the online dating market offer.

Singles who look for a long-term relationship can easily find their perfect partner thanks to one of the many matchmakers that currently are available in the States.

What are the Best Dating Sites on the market right now?

Which matchmaking services can actually get you a real date?

People talk a lot about how they chat with tons of guys and women on Tinder or how a friend of a friend found the perfect partner in a site like Zoosk or eHarmony.

But are these services really effective creating emotional connections or do they simply work as a pastime?

We have tested the most popular matchmakers, those that have the largest number of users and that are considered to be the most efficient in terms of connecting singles with serious intentions.


We’ve come up with a list of the Best Dating Sites that will guarantee you a date now!


What have we considered when creating this ranking? We put ourselves in your shoes.

We tried the services personally to get a real experience.

Connected with other American singles living nearby, engaged in several conversations and went on a few dates to found out what platforms were worth it for our dating adventure.

Our goal was to get a first date with someone who was a real match!

We thought that sharing our personal experience was more relevant than any other aspect to help you decide what are the Best Dating Sites for you!

Sit down, and take notes, here are our TOP 3 of the Best Dating Sites for long-term relationships.

Best Dating Sites: Top 3 Most Efficient Matchmakers


Many believe that Tinder is the best option for singles between 20-35, but the truth is that Zoosk has reached the first spot as the most selling dating app in the Apple App Store. The reason behind its success is its unique matchmaking algorithm.

Why do we like this dating service?

Zoosk is the Best Dating Site in terms of connecting like-minded users considering the way they use the platform and interact with other singles. The portal uses a very effective Behavioral Matchmaking engine which helped us to get serious partner recommendations. Unlike our experience with Tinder, with Zoosk we managed to get in touch with people who really were looking for a serious date (not a temporary encounter) outside the platform.

Is it the right matchmaker for you?

If your goal is to meet in a very interactive way, singles in their twenties or early thirties who really are up for a date that leads to a serious relationship, then Zoosk is a great option! outstands for several reasons. It uses an exclusive matchmaking tool to connect similar singles taking into account affinity, it targets ambitious and educated singles, and it has a lot of experience behind its belt. More than 20 years’ experience and 10 million relationships created around the globe are great evidence!

Why do we like this dating service?

Having a long history creating couples may be a good reason to sign up for free in this website However, what we liked the most about, even to the point of adding it in our list of the Best Dating Sites out there, is that if you are not into meeting singles one-on-one, then you can also try the monthly events for singles. We had the chance to get in touch with interesting unattached men and women in a more relaxed ambience. We also made some friends!

Is it the right matchmaker for you?

If you between 25 and 45, and are into online dating based on affinity or simply want to meet local singles and expand your social circle in a different way: through fun events and activities, then is fa antastic alternative!


This is one of the dating sites with the highest rate of success. eHarmony works as any other matchmaker using a personality test to match people who share the same romantic values, but also interests, intellectual and emotional levels. What makes the service to stand out, and probably the reason behind its triumph, is that users can get partner recommendations, and, at the same time, decide who can interact with them.

To start with, they are in charge of authorizing who sees their profiles.

Why do we like this dating service?

In our opinion, eHarmony is one of the Best Dating Sites just because it’s a trusted matchmaker for singles over 40 that offers a high-quality experience. It gives users the power to select who can access to something as personal as a profile. This option gave us the opportunity to only communicate with those who we were interested and thought that we have more chances to go out on a first date.

The perfect tool to avoid time-wasters!

Is it the right matchmaker for you?

Numbers speak for themselves. More than 30 million singles have registered worldwide in eHarmony, but what matters in the end is how effective the portal is creating powerful couples considering affinity. If you are looking for someone special to share some valuable moments, but you are not very convinced about sharing your profile’s personal information and photos with thousands of users, then eHarmony is the right alternative. You will be able to select who can get in touch with you!


To find other of our recommendations, don’t hesitate to have a look at our ranking of the Best Dating Sites.