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How to create your online dating profile?

Last Update : April 20, 2016

You’re looking for love on a dating site, but you don’t know how to create the type of profile that will snare your dream partner. Don’t worry, we’ve put together some great tips for creating a dating site profile… Just follow our guide!

Use words that will attract others!

Remember that you’re trying to sell yourself (without getting too carried away, of course)! To create an appealing profile it has to ring true. It’s simple: be genuine and sincere. Talk about yourself and what you like to do using your own words. Don’t try to be someone else, be yourself!

You can try to be original, so as to avoid being like everyone else – you can inject a little humor, which tends to work really well! Avoid stock phrases or descriptions that are too general. Members will be looking for a summary of what you like, and if it’s done in an original fashion, even better!

Do not exceed more than a dozen lines, otherwise people may switch off. Think of it as your ‘dating resumé’! Pay attention to your spelling: a faultless text is easy to read and inspires confidence. Be clear about what you’re after. You can mention what you don’t want, so as to avoid time wasters.

Try to be specific when describing your ideal partner! Finally, be positive! Nobody wants to hook up with someone who’s a drag. Don’t reveal everything about yourself – a potential date doesn’t need to know it all and, in any case, you’ll need to have things to talk about when you meet up!

Finish your description with a certain ambiguity or question to tempt the reader: everyone loves a bit of mystery and stepping into the unknown. Last tip: get someone to read your profile before you post it – objective opinions are a useful tool!

Choose your best photo!

In addition to a good text, attractive profiles have great photos. Photos are really important – maybe even more so than the text! Photos are the first things we look at on a profile, so try to make a good impression. It will encourage visitors to read your profile!

A bad photo will put people off, even if you have the writing talents of a best seller! So it’s really important that you choose the right photo that puts you in a good light. Don’t go for tacky, pouting selfies – keep it tasteful. Ask a friend who enjoys photography to take a snap and maybe go for an outdoors shot – it’s better than taking one in your living room. If the shots come out well, feel free to post a selection of photos.

Profiles with lots of photos inspire confidence and visitors to your page will be more easily seduced.