Flirting Tips

Online Dating is a very interesting adventure that helps you boost your confidence, self-esteem and that also boosts your sentimental life! It gives you the chance to live exciting adventures. Flirting however is not an innate skill. Flirting demands knowledge and lots of practice. If you make the most of the Dating websites, you will have a great chance at practicing your flirting skills together with the knowledge you might get from this section. We made an effort to gather (by constantly updating our section with new content) the best tips, news and guides to successfully learn the secrets of flirting. Flirt is an art and we will tell you how to master it!

christian dating tips meet singles

Christian Dating: Tips to meet faith-minded singles near you!

Sharing interests with your loved one is primordial if you want to make your relationship grow stronger. There are many ways you can connect with your partner, but, undoubtedly, affinity is the glue that sticks to individuals together. Nowadays, you can find plenty of matchmaking services aimed at singles who[…]

dishes to rock first date dinner

Best dishes to rock your first date dinner

Food and seduction have always gone hand in hand. People use to say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. In spite, Mexican food or Spanish food has always been a good choice for a first date dinner, it seems that things have changed and now,[…]

blind dating in san francisco

Blind dating in San Francisco: Meet people in your area!

It was an instant crush! How many times have you heard love stories where two strangers fall in love at a coffee shop just a few minutes after seeing each other for the first time? Love at first sight exists, although not everyone is ready to experience it. Here’s where[…]

dating guide for men rock first date

A Dating Guide for Men: Chapter 1: How to Rock your First Date?

For decades, men have wondered what women want on a first date. Nowadays, you can find plenty of dating gurus on the Internet revealing a lot of questionable techniques to woo your date in the first encounter, but most of the times, reality doesn’t match with those seduction manuals… Until[…]

zoosk secrets attraction

How to attract any woman instantly? Zoosk reveals what makes men irresistible to women!

Love might be about destiny, but, for sure, attraction is all about science. What makes a man irresistible to women? There are certain traits men have that capture instantly the attention of any women. Having a great personality and sense of humour, being kind, successful and ambitious, having a Greek[…]

what women want traits every man should have

What women want: 7 essential traits every man should have!

For years, men have tried to figure out what women want. It has been one of the best kept dating secrets, until now! The popular matchmaker Zoosk recently carried out a study to analyse their users’ romantic desires. The goal: discovering what single women look for in a man when[…]

top 5 jobs score a date

Top 5 jobs that can help you score a date!

Some professions are most attractive than others. Singles in the US mostly look for emotional affinity, physical attraction and shared interests when looking for a potential partner online. Having a good job is also important in the online dating world. Some users find attractive an online date that is career-driven[…]

5 fun summer date ideas

5 super fun Summer date ideas to make your partner melt for you!

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy an original date outdoors. The sun, the good vibes, the relaxed atmosphere… Any excuse is good to explore your city and take part in romantic activities for two! Whether you want to surprise your loved one with a unique romantic plan or want[…]

first dates extreme sports

First dates: The next extreme “sports”?

Falling in love is quite an adventure. When you start having feelings for someone, your body and brain experiment a series of symptoms that according to many scientists are similar to the sensation of doing drugs or the way you react when getting involved in an extreme sport. Your heart[…]

long distance relationship

How to make a long-distance relationship work

How to make a long-distance relationship work has become nowadays one of the biggest challenges that some couples have to face. After all, we do live in quite a dynamic society which asks us sometimes to move to one place to another, and before you even realize, your relationship might[…]