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4 signs to know if he is really into you

Last Update : September 6, 2019 by Ava

People use to say that it is difficult to know what women want or that is not easy to read their signs when you are out on a date, but what about men?

The truth is that is not a question of gender, it’s just because people don’t know how to read body language.

So how to do it, how can you know if he’s really into you?

Picture this: there is a new guy in your life, you have been seeing each other for quite some time, and it seems that there is a real attraction, but how can you know what he expects from the “story” that you have?

Does he want something serious with you or is he just seeking a casual relationship? And the most important, is he really into you?

Finding out if your date is romantically interested in you can be relatively easy. Just you need to have a look at the way he behaves when he is around you. Learn to read his signs!

#He constantly texts you

The way single people look for a potential date may have changed in the past years due to the introduction of online dating sites, but the intention and the flirtation techniques used are quite the same. Written communication plays a key role when you are trying to know a new guy.

If he texts you in the early morning to wish you a nice day, sends you a message every night to wish you sweet dreams, writes you several times during the course of the day to know what you are doing, and when he does so, he asks you a lot of questions to keep the conversation going, then it is clear sign that he is interested in you, and maybe thinking about you in a more romantic way.

#He makes an effort to see you regularly and is interested in the same activities

When you are attracted to someone, what you want is to spend as much time as possible with the other person.

So, if the guy you are dating uses any excuse to see you or constantly asks you to go out to do some activities together or even shows interest in the ones that you normally do, then, without any doubt, he loves spending time with you!

#He wants to get involved in your social circle

Going out just the two of you is one thing, and going out the two of you with your friends or family members is another: it is a big step in your relationship!

He will not invite you to enter into his personal life if he is not into you. Why would he let you meet his closest acquaintances if he is not thinking about being with you in the long term?

When a single man cares about getting involved in your social circle or insists on introducing you to his friends or family, this is a sign that he is starting falling for you, and that your relationship is beginning to get serious.

#He listens to you, engages in deep conversations

Communication, among other aspects, is what makes a relationship to succeed.

If your date actually pays attention to what you say and feels comfortable to open up and talk about more intimate topics, engaging in deep conversations where your emotions surface, it means that he is starting to see you in a different level, more like girlfriend material.

Undoubtedly, these are signs to show that you have gone or soon are about to go from “dating” to “serious relationships”.