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How to lose the fear of falling in love?

Last Update : May 30, 2017

The fear of falling in love is more common than you might believe. Actually, if you properly think about it, it makes sense… falling in love is putting down all your walls, all your defenses and completely opening yourself to somebody.

Falling in love requires lots of bravery and honesty…opening yourself to love, a love that comes with an unknown future. How not to get scared?

Added to that, it is said that falling in love is an amazing experience, however, it won’t last long… just for the « honeymoon phase », what comes after that then?

We understand, falling in love might seem scary, but there’s something that people forget when the fear it: falling in love is one of the best ways of living the experience of being alive.

Do you want to make the best of your life, of your body, your mind, and your emotions? We give you some tips to conquer your fear of falling in love.

# Never compare possible experiences with former relationships

This is the number one reason for unhappiness in couples. A comparison is a poison, you should know that. Comparing will never bring anything good.

If you accept the idea that we are programmed since our childhood to always want more and more, then you’ll probably reach the conclusion that we are never happy with what we have, therefore, what’s the point of comparing? The grass sis always greener on the other side, isn’t?

You should also take into account that by comparing a possible new relationship with a former one, (independently of a positive or negative comparison) you are automatically limiting your new partner and your possible new relationship.

The first step then is to learn from past experience but most importantly to learn to free yourself from them!

# Accept what you feel

Second step: once you are as free as you can be from past experiences, you have to learn to accept your feelings: avoid trying to control how you should feel, but rather try to think if your feeling comes from a healthy place, and if so, embrace them!

Lots of people think that perhaps by controlling their feelings they’ll be able to appear stronger, more clever, more stable, etc… but is it really healthy?

Instead, you should think that having feelings is one of the best ways to feel alive.

# Avoid seeking the opinion of everybody

Opinions ! The enemy of our instinct! Has it ever happened to you that you had lots of doubts about a subject and you asked for several opinions but then you strongly felt that you didn’t agree with the opinions and that you felt more comfortable with your own way of dealing with the situation?

Exactly. That’s the same when it comes to love. Opinions might be good, but at the end of the day, you are the only one to know how you truly feel…