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How to avoid Scams on dating websites

When dating and flirting on a Dating website, it is very important to learn how to recognized the « serial lovers ». They meet with a match one time with no possibility to any future development. It is fairly easy to spot them as they usually have a large number of contact and profiles on their own profile. They also usually start conversations with general speeches that could be used in any situation. Sometimes « serial lovers » are also famous for scams. Those « advanced fee scams » are usually perpetrated by men from Ivory Coast and other African countries which join these websites with false profiles, pretending to be very sexy women to seduce their victims. Once the victims haven fallen into the seduction trick, they extort their victims to try to get their money. In order to avoid those scams, you have to try to avoid profile that seem too good to be true. But on top of everything never share your bank details, passwords or addresses.