#DatingMyth or reality?

Dating is an important part of the life of the average American man/woman. Every year, hundreds of publications appear on the market to help citizens to improve their dating life and make their long-lasting relationships to grow stronger. Scores of singles and couples in the United States currently rely on these publications and on the advice given by dating experts to make their romantic life better. Nevertheless, what exactly are the dating habits of the Nation? In our “Dating myths or reality?” chronicles we put Americans’ romantic life under the microscope. We observe the most popular dating trends in the country with the intention to know how nowadays people in the United States date, fall in love, break-up and work on their relationships.

Dating myth or reality? – Divorced or widowed people tend to remarry

Giving love a second, a third or even a fourth chance it seems to be a tendency nowadays. Getting involved in a new relationship after a long and hard divorce or some time after becoming widow may not be the cup of tea for everyone. However, people have always been[…]

Dating myth or reality? – Women tend to date older men

Some men are like good wines, they get better with age. This is why many women, regardless their age, are more inclined to fall for or get attracted by older men.

Dating myth or reality? – Only men enjoy being single

Years ago, women had a lot of pressure from society about getting settled down when reaching certain age. Since they were little girls, they were told about the importance of finding Mr. Right when they grew up and getting involved in a life-time relationship. This dating tendency, in turn, was[…]

Dating myth or reality? – Single men and women want different things from a relationship

There is a popular saying that suggests that men are from Mars and women from Venus. Gender role differences have always existed in the dating area, but do really single men and women pursue different things in a relationship?

Dating myth or reality? – People don’t talk about politics on a first date

What is the best topic for a first date’ conversation? Causing a great impression on a first encounter is essential if you want to continue getting to know your date, and if chemistry appear, perhaps initiating a new love story. This is why many experts in dating and relationships suggest[…]

Dating Myths or reality: Kissing on the second date

There are people who love to follow certain rules when it comes to dating and romance with the intention to succeed in their amorous life. Others prefer to follow their instincts and let themselves go with the heat of the moment when dating someone new. In our very first “Dating:[…]

Dating myth or reality? – The time to recover from a break-up equals to the total time spent together

Time is running out, but not when it comes to the period after splitting-up with your long-time partner. There are different dating theories and even scientifically-proven studies out there that suggest that there is an actual timeframe to recover after ending a long-term relationship. On average, how long does it[…]

Dating myth or reality? – People are likely to get back with an ex

Ending a relationship with your long-time partner is one of the hardest decisions you could ever made. In fact, many people, afraid of loneliness, refuse to move on after a breakup and end up reconciling with their ex-partner. Getting back with an ex has always been such a normal thing[…]

Dating myth or reality? – Single parents prefer to date other single parents

Being a single parent and going back to the dating scene was a very hard step to take years ago. However, nowadays people with kids do not hesitate give love another chance. There are many dating websites aimed at unattached parents searching for initiating a new relationship. But, do single[…]

Dating myth or reality? – People wait from two to four days to call after a first date

This is the picture. You have had a fantastic first date: the food was delicious, the conversation was great, and there was chemistry with your date. It seems that you have mastered you first encounter, but now it comes another crucial moment. How long do you have to wait to[…]