#DatingMyth or reality?

Dating is an important part of the life of the average American man/woman. Every year, hundreds of publications appear on the market to help citizens to improve their dating life and make their long-lasting relationships to grow stronger. Scores of singles and couples in the United States currently rely on these publications and on the advice given by dating experts to make their romantic life better. Nevertheless, what exactly are the dating habits of the Nation? In our “Dating myths or reality?” chronicles we put Americans’ romantic life under the microscope. We observe the most popular dating trends in the country with the intention to know how nowadays people in the United States date, fall in love, break-up and work on their relationships.

Dating myth or reality? – Cooking dinner at home on the third date

Inviting your date over to your house for a romantic dinner for the first time is a big step. It is the perfect moment to impress your date with some of your delicious home-made recipes, but, at the same time, you will be also opening the doors to intimacy. Your[…]

Dating myth or reality? – Office affairs

There is something exciting about having an affair at the office. Perhaps it is because of the thrills of getting caught by one of your other workmates -in spite you position yourself in a risky situation, if you get caught the consequences can be huge- or perhaps it is because[…]

Dating myth or reality? – Sex on the third date

Getting intimate for the first time with your date is a huge step. If there is sexual chemistry between you two, you will have more chances to make you relationship grow harder, if there is not, it is going to be more difficult to make it survive to the next[…]

Dating myth or reality? – Men should pay dinner on the first date

Let’s set the scene. You are out on a first date with that guy/woman you have met on an online dating site, and it seem that there is real chemistry between you two. The conversation is flowing, the food is delicious, and the company even better! But, the soiree is[…]