#Video – Dating myth or reality?

We have a look at current dating habits to check if they are a reality or a dating myth!

How to recover after a breakup

#Video – Dating myth or reality? – The time to recover from a breakup equals to the total time spent together

Breaking up with a long-term partner is a tough decision. Some people move on very fast while others need extra time to assimilate it. There is a dating theory that suggests that the time to recover after rupture is proportional to the time spent together as a couple. On our[…]

Do singles get back with their ex?

#Video – Dating myth or reality? – People are likely to get back with an ex

Breaking up with a long-time partner is one of the hardest things to do. A lot of people feel incapable to leave their emotions behind, and think about reconciliation after ending up a relationship. There is a dating theory suggesting that plenty of people consider getting back with an ex-partner[…]

Sedning messages after a date is it good?

#Video – Dating myth or reality? – Single parents prefer to date other single parents

Dating as a single parent was unthinkable years ago, but nowadays, singles with children on their own can easily find a new partner on a dedicated dating site, and embark on a new love story. There is the dating theory that suggests that unattached parents prefer to go out on[…]

Seding messages after a date is it good?

#Video – Dating myth or reality? – People wait from two to four days to call after a first date

First dates can be magical! If things go according to plan, and there is chemistry between you two, it could mean the beginning of your new love story. However, a lot of singles are confused about what exactly to do right after the first encounter. Who should call first asking for[…]

Is it a dating reality cooking dinner at home on the third date?

#Video – Dating myth or reality? – Cooking dinner at home on the third date

Preparing a romantic meal for someone you have been dating for a short period of time is a huge step. Some dating experts suggest waiting until the third date to cook dinner at home for your new partner. However, do daters currently choose date nº3 to surprise their partner with[…]

Are office affairs a dating reality?

#Video – Dating myth or reality? – Office affairs

Getting romantically involved with a co-worker has always been a recurrent fantasy for many people. The rush of getting caught, the emotion of having a temporary secret love story and breaking the rules… But, do really singles risk their job position to enjoy a secret love story at the office?[…]

Is sex on the third date a dating myth?

#Video: Dating myth or reality? – Sex on the third date

Getting intimate with a new partner for the first time is a huge step. Some singles are more impulsive, and prefer to unleash the passion during the first couple of dates. However, others need more time to get to know their new partners before heading to the sheets. For several[…]

Do men have to pay for the first date?

#Video: Dating myth or reality? – Men should pay dinner on the first date

Dating habits have changed over the years, but even today there still are some grey areas about what are the right dating etiquettes to follow. The eternal debate about who should pay dinner on the first date is still today a controversy. In the past, men were the ones in[…]

Is kissing on the second date good?

#Video: Dating myth or reality? – Kissing on the second date

A first kiss should be unforgettable. There are many things a peck can tell you. Some people even consider if their date is boyfriend/girlfriend material taking into account the way they have been kissed. It is commonly said that singles prefer to wait to the second date to make a[…]