#FridayDating recipes

Food is probably one of your best bets if you want to conquer the heart of your date! The kitchen romance is a new trend in dating that embraces home-made food to create a romantic atmosphere for your date. In this section we will weekly introduce you to some of the best dating recipes to make the most of your date! all our recipes are based on aphrodisiac foods so you can discover and experiment with food, romance and love. Are you ready to use all your weapons to charm?

friday dating recipes garlic

Garlic and herb Gnocchi salad

For more recipes, check out all of our Dating Recipes! Garlic, your best friend for a great aphrodisiac experience Needless to say, garlic is famous for many things, but its particular smell (in the mouth) has become cultural knowledge. That’s why garlic has also become a great ally for a[…]

friday dating recipe cardamon

Tomato salad with cardamon

Discover all of our Dating Recipes! Cardamon, queen of spices and powerful dating potion Cardamon is native to certain parts of India and has been known for centuries as the « queen of spices ». Cardamon not only has several health benefits, but it also has many aphrodisiac properties such[…]


Goat Cheese and Arugula Penne

Arugula your best ally to get in a romantic mood Arugula was a very popular aphrodisiac used in Roman times, associated with Priapus, known as a god for fertility. Arugula not only helps to clear the mind but it also helps to relax, digest, and to feel more energetic therefore[…]


Banana Pudding for a romantic evening

Bananas, great allies for love and hormone production Bananas are a great food to boost your metabolism. Besides its phallic shape, bananas are known for containing high levels of bromelian, an enzyme which increases testosterone production. Added to that, bananas are also a great source for potassium and vitamin B[…]


BlueBerry French Toast

Blueberry for a healthy and romantic morning date Blueberries are known as the best natural antioxidant you can find. With high levels of vitamin C, Blueberries have also been praised for a long time as a natural aphrodisiac ! Not only it helps to lose weight and at to maintain[…]


Kale and Pumpkin seeds with red onion and tomato

Pumpkin seeds, for romance and health Pumpkin seeds contain high levels of zinc and fatty acids, two essential elements which have a direct impact on testosterone production and a boost on libido. On top of that pumpkin seeds are a great source for magnesium which helps to relax your blood[…]


Pan Seared Salmon for an energetic date

Salmon for stamina and romantic mood Salmon is a great source of vitamins and proteins, essential to boost stamina. As many fish, salmon contains high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, great allies to boost your energy and your mood. Salmon helps building muscle and producing serotonin, which is linked to[…]


Spinach, mushroom and ricotta quiche with sautéed spinach

Spinach: for a strong heart full of romanticism Spinach contains high levels of zinc, a veryimportant mineral that is considered essential in the prodcution of testosterone for both men and women. Added to that, spinach also contains B6 and folic acid which are the essential elements that help boost sex[…]


Chicken Ginseng Sohttps://www.best-sites.dating/wp-admin/post-new.phpup for a great date

Ginseng:  the best kept secret to boost love and passion Despite Ginseng being a very popular ingredient in Asia to boost passion and sexual desire, it still remains quite unknown here. Ginseng is the root of a herb belonging to the Panax of the family Araliacea. There are several types of[…]


Pasta with almond, basil and pecorino pesto for a boosting date

Almonds, an ancient symbol of romance and love Almonds are considered an one of the oldest food aphrodisiac. A great symbo of fertility, romance and love. It turns out that almonds are not only very tasty but they are also very healthy. Its high levels of omega-3 fats, an essential[…]