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#Video – Online dating in the States

Last Update : September 14, 2017

Online dating is a very important element in American Culture. Online dating sites have successfully build 1 in 3 couples in the States and more than 40 million of Americans are addicted to online dating. In that sense, and eHarmony seem to be the winners : they have strong matchmaking algorithms to build serious and lasting relationships.

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If you would like to know where are the favorites places among American singles, New York and Washington gather a great pool of singles : around 50 % of its population lives currently alone… An important culture based on online dating that is slowly changing romantic behaviors : according to the study, offline relationships start by « googling » a possible partner before a first date !



Singles have become both curious and cautious !

American ladies on their side, prefer to be seduced by compliments and humor !

However, this new tendency in romance is also bringing the worst side of the new technologies : American couples tend to break up via social media, email or text. Facebook itself accounts for 15% of the breakups…
Is the online dating culture different on the other side of the Atlantic ?